Accommodation Near Maumbury Rings (The Neolithic Henge), Dorchester, Dorset.

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About Maumbury Rings (The Neolithic Henge):

Maumbury Rings is an archaeological site of a Neolithic henge, a Roman amphitheatre, and an English Civil War fort. A great place to explore along with your family.

It’s situated in the South of Dorchester town and is a large circular earthwork. It covers around 85 metres in diameter and has a single bank and entrance on the north east side.

During Roman times, it was modified and adapted to be used as an amphitheatre. It was later remodelled again during the English Civil War and used to house artillery as an artillery fort, guarding the southern approach to Dorchester.

Today, the monument is a public open space and used for open-air concerts, festivals and re-enactments.