Accommodation Near Maiden Castle, Dorchester, Dorset.

We’re able to offer the best serviced accommodation and serviced apartments near Maiden Castle, Dorchester. In fact, our accommodation is within 2.8 miles of Maiden Castle and comes with free private parking and fibre Wi-Fi. We often welcome guests visiting the Maiden Castle, Dorchester. Our serviced accommodation offers a great alternative to hotels in Dorchester, Dorset.

About Maiden Castle:

Maiden Castle is a hill fort from the Iron Age. It’s around 1.6 miles south west of Dorchester, Dorset. During the Iron Age hill forts were fortified hill-top settlements built across Britian.

In around 1800 BC, which was during the Bronze Age, the area was used for growing crops prior to being abandoned. The castle was then built around 600 BC covering 6.4 hectares and resembled man other hill forts in Britain. It wasn’t until 450 BC that it was greatly expanded, tripling in size to around 19 hectares, becoming the largest hill fort in Britain and Europe. It was at this time that additional ramparts and ditches were added to create more defences at the castle.

The fort was occupied until at least the Roman Period, at which time it was territory of the Durotriges, a Celtic tribe.